Fall Semester and Trimester 2022 – Administrative Drop, Pass/No Pass Policies From the Office of the Provost

While Chapman does not require formal attendance reports from faculty each term, we do suggest that you review your “Faculty Center” class roster(s) and take attendance during the terms’ student add/drop period and administratively drop students who do not attend any class session.

Faculty may “administratively drop” students from their class rosters in the “Faculty Center” if they do not attend class and/or do not participate asynchronously in the first class meeting and they have not received permission to be absent. This administrative drop process will make room to add other students to be enrolled in your course(s). Faculty may begin to administratively drop students the first day of the term. The first day of the Fall Session is Monday, August 29, 2022.

Faculty may continue to drop students who do not attend class and/or do not participate asynchronously in any class meeting until the term’s add/drop deadline, as follows:
Fall Session 2022 – the add/drop deadline is Friday, September 9, 2022

Please note, after the first week of the term, no student can enroll in a course without the instructor’s consent.

For assistance with the administrative drop process please see the Reference Guide for Administrative Drops PDF at this link: Administrative Drops.

Below are a few additional notes.

• To administratively drop a student login to Working.chapman.edu, select the Faculty / Advisor Center link.
• On the right-hand side of the screen select the box “Faculty Center”.
• The “Faculty Center” opens to the “My Schedule” tab.
• If the system does not default to the term you wish, click on the button “Change term” and choose the correct term to locate your class roster(s).
• Select the class roster(s) you wish to review.
• The button “Drop Student” is next to each student’s name. Click this for those you wish to administratively drop for not attending.
• Student(s) selected will be dropped from your class roster in the “Faculty Center”, thus making room for you to add other student(s) to your course(s).
• If you drop a student in error, please email Registrar@chapman.edu for assistance.

Please do not use the “Drop Student” function after the add/drop deadline.

Change of grading basis policy
After initial registration in a course, in order to change the grading basis (e.g., to “Pass/No Pass” or “Letter grade”) students may submit an email request to the University Registrar at Registrar@chapman.edu from their Chapman University email account. Once a course is graded, students cannot request a change in grading option.

The Change of grading option deadline for students:
Friday, September 30, 2022

Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Undergraduate Grading Standards:
“P” grades are equivalent to a “C-” grade or higher.
“NP” grades are given for “D+” and below.

Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Graduate Grading Standards:
“P” grades are equivalent to a “C+” grade or higher.
“NP” grades are given for “C” and below.

Midterm Course Feedback
Fall 2009, the Associated Students asked the Faculty Senate to request faculty to conduct anonymous, mid-semester feedback surveys in Chapman courses. The request was approved by the Academic Council, but not as a mandatory process.

Faculty who choose to conduct midterm feedback surveys should have them available for students by midterm. This midterm feedback is for the faculty member’s information only. There is no expectation that the results are to be shared with anyone. Faculty may simply ask students to respond on paper, (reassuring them that they won’t try to determine their identities), or they may create a survey instrument. If help is needed to create and deploy an online mid-semester survey, please contact Educational Technology Services, edutech@chapman.edu.

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact Registrar@chapman.edu.

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