The Players Society
The cast and crew of “Elf Bowling: The North Pole Elf Strike” after their last performance.

It’s All Drama with Chapman’s Players’ Society Club Club gives students from all majors an outlet to act on their passions and engage with the students from across campus.

For member’s of Chapman’s Players’ Society, club. All the world truly is a stage.

Students in The Players’ Society create one-of-a-kind, 100% student-driven theatrical productions.

“The Players’ Society is an important part of the community, creating an extremely welcoming and open space for people with any theater background to come and try something new. Our club is also extremely important for new writers, those who love tech and the incredibly important behind the scenes work,” says president Delaney Tobin ’23, a senior majoring in animation and visual effects

About 75-100 students participate in The Players’ Society each year, their interests spanning theater, film, visual art, music, dance and literature. However, their community is open to students of all majors and interests. For 15 years, the club has aimed to bring high-quality creative events to the Chapman community that are 100% student driven. 

“I have so many incredible memories from this club, too many to list,” Tobin says. “Overall, what stands out to me is the incredible community of students that have joined this club so far. I remember seeing a showing of ‘The Party’, a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)-inspired show written by one of our club members, Sellers Thomas. It was fantastic and got funnier the more I watched it, making me realize the masterpiece they had created. It was exciting knowing that I would get to work with such brilliant students.”

COVID or not, the show must go on! During the pandemic, TPS continued to pursue stage productions through Zoom.

“We created plays and musicals by using Zoom backgrounds in order to convey sets and each actor was mailed their costume pieces and props. As well as online plays and musicals, we had a few radio play productions where actors would simply voice act to convey the storyline along with digital art to convey the scenes.”

All of the plays and musicals were previewed through The Players Society’s YouTube channel.

This academic year, the club is preparing for its annual production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” along with a new science fiction musical parody “The X-tra Files,” as well as an original science fiction drama called “These Circuit Veins.”

Learn more about upcoming events by checking out their Instagram

To learn more and get involved, email the Players’ Society at


Belana Beeck

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