COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Clinic in Orange From the Office of the President Daniele C. Struppa, Ph. D.

Campus Community —

We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus soon for the start of the fall semester and trimester. Last week we welcomed our Fowler School of Law students, and as we prepare to begin our fall term, I want to reiterate that as a team, Chapman University continues the work to maintain a healthy learning environment for all in our campus community. The university’s COVID-19 Task Force continues to meet weekly, and the CU Staying Healthy website outlines the university’s four primary protocols that are in place, in alignment with federal, state, and local health agency guidance.

On Aug. 31, a COVID-19 vaccination and booster clinic will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Chapman Testing Center at 145 Sycamore Avenue, on the Orange campus. Chino Plaza Pharmacy will administer the vaccines.

Please pay close attention to the vaccination and booster requirements outlined on the CU Staying Healthy website. To access campus facilities, all faculty, staff, and students are required either to submit proof of having all vaccinations and boosters for which they are eligible or to file a personal declination. To be considered fully vaccinated, individuals must be current with all available boosters as outlined by the CDC.

The Task Force continues to monitor the advancements in identifying, treating, and preventing the monkeypox virus in California, the United States and internationally. Student Health Services employees are preparing to manage the possibility of cases on campus. They have been trained to identify the symptoms of monkeypox and have testing supplies.

For Chapman University athletes and dancers engaged in contact activities, there are no changes in activity required by COVID-19 or monkeypox protocols at this time. Students should stay home if they are sick and report all illnesses to the athletic training staff and/or Student Health Services for direction on how to treat the illness and keep fellow Panthers safe. Dodge College students are expected to follow Dodge College COVID-19 filming protocols, which will be posted on the student portal. Further restrictions may be required of any production affiliated with SAG-AFTRA and/or other organizations.

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