Invite the Civic Engagement Initiatives Team to Speak to Your Class

Chapman University’s Civic Engagement Initiatives team needs your help to spread the word and encourage students to register to vote and to vote during the California Gubernatorial Recall Election (or the California governor recall election) in September!

The Civic Engagement Initiatives team will send student leaders to stop by classes and speak for five min. These “lightning talks” are designed to promote voter registration and engagement for Chapman students in a non-partisan way, leading up to the California Gubernatorial Recall Election up to election day on September 14.

Sign Up for “Lightning Talks”

If you are a faculty member interested in having the Civic Engagement Initiatives team come and speak to your class(es) about voter registration and voter engagement updates, fill out the interest form and be sure to share with your department and colleagues.

If you are not interested in having our team stop by your class, but would like to share information and resources regarding voter engagement, the option is in the form for you to select as well.

Visit CU at the Booths if you would like more information about any of the efforts underway for Fall 2021 or if opportunities for collaboration come to mind.  Also, follow @ChapmanCivic on Instagram for more updates!

Please reach out to Shishei Tsang, Program Coordinator for Student Engagement if you have any questions regarding lightning talks!

Michelle Anguka