Debbie Page, “The Plant Lady” Retires – Here’s How to Ensure Your Plants Continue Getting Proper Care

Do you have plants in your work space that were cared for by Debbie Page? After 40 years of caring for plants all across the Chapman community, Page has had to retire immediately due to an emergency. As a result, Facilities Management is trying to locate all the plants (paid for by Chapman departments or located in common areas) that were cared for by Page.

If she was caring for plants that you know are covered by Chapman please contact Cindy Graves to ensure that when a new vendor is lined up, you are included.

If Page was caring for your plants, as a kindness (which she was known to do) we apologize for the short notice.

With four decades of service across campus, Page will undoubtedly be missed by the Chapman community. She, too, sends Chapman her love.

Michelle Anguka