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Chapman’s Academic Reputation Catches Attention of Incoming First-Year Students, According to New Survey Results

You have probably heard it before – college is the gateway to a high-paying career. But are incoming freshmen prioritizing the job-related benefits of college? For Chapman University’s 2020 first-time, full-time students, landing a good job is important, but only second to the university’s exceptional academic reputation.

The value first-year students placed on Chapman’s academic reputation when making their college choice is one of many significant findings to emerge from the Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRADS) Office’s recently released 2020 CIRP Freshman Survey Snapshot. In addition to surveying freshmen, IRADS also released a new Alumni Snapshot and a special edition First-Generation College Undergraduate Students Snapshot. Each infographic newsletter provides a brief but comprehensive look into data that is critical for the university’s planning and decision-making.

What You Can Expect From Each Snapshot

2020 CIRP Freshman Survey

  • Reasons for choosing Chapman
  • Challenges entering college
  • Involvement in civic engagement
  • Diversity-related beliefs

First-Generation College Undergraduate Students

  • Academic achievements
  • Life goals
  • Popular majors
  • College expectations

Alumni Survey: Graduating Class of 2018-2019

  • Impact of COVID-19 on alumni in the workforce
  • Chapman experience
  • Research and creative activity
  • Resources for job searching

Visit the IRADS website to browse through previously published snapshots, brief reports, fact sheets and more.

IRADS is the official source of university statistics and provides the campus community, administrators, faculty and staff with the data they need to perform their jobs effectively. The office also responds to external federal, marketing and ranking surveys, administers and analyzes institutional-level survey research and calculates official retention and graduation rates for the university. Learn more about decision support offered by IRADS, or sign up for virtual IRADS office hours

Michelle Anguka

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