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Upcoming Workplace Engagement Program Will Teach You Ways to Improve Your Intellectual Wellness

Are you someone who’s always searching for new learning opportunities? Are you consistently on the hunt for new ways to use your creativity? If so, then you are someone who’s actively cultivating intellectual wellness. But what exactly is intellectual wellness?

Think of it as exercise for your mind. It is the active pursuit of those activities that stimulate your mind and promote creativity.

For the month of June, Paws Up for Workplace Wellness and Engagement is partnering with the Leatherby Libraries to host their next program, “Always Learning,” which will focus on all things intellectual wellness. Join the virtual event on Thursday, June 17, 3 p.m. to hear all about how your colleagues remain creative, curious and lifelong learners.

The event is open to staff and administrators. To participate, simply share a tip on Kudoboard about how you personally promote your own intellectual wellness. While you’re there, check out the tips already submitted. Once you submit a post to the Kudoboard, you will be entered to win a prize. The deadline to submit your personal tip to Kudoboard is Monday, June 14 at 5 p.m. 

Learn more about how to submit your tips on Kudoboard and the rules of participation. Among the prizes you’ll have a chance to win are a Nespresso Machine, an Apple Watch and more! 

To learn more about intellectual wellness and how to develop it in your own life, read Fish Interfaith Center’s recent blogpost Intellectual Wellness: Always Learning.

Michelle Anguka

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