Upcoming Ethics Training Assignment Will Soon Arrive in Your Inbox

One of our most important jobs as Chapman University employees is to ensure our work is conducted in an ethical manner. Three years ago, president Daniele Struppa mandated annual Ethics Training for all Chapman employees with the goal of maintaining the safety of our campus community and promoting an environment where all feel welcome. 

In the next few days, all Chapman employees will receive an automated email message containing a direct link to this year’s ethics training, “Tools for an Ethical Workplace.” The email will be from “Chapman University” and the email subject line will be “Chapman University has assigned you Ethics Training.” All university employees are required to complete the course by Wednesday, August 4. More details will be provided in the upcoming email.

The university’s required annual ethics training is designed to provide up-to-date information about required procedures and standards of conduct. In addition to ethics training, as members of the Chapman family each of us is obligated to report any violations of the code of ethics as soon as we become aware of them.

If you experience technical problems accessing the training, please contact EVERFI’s tech support using “Help” within the course or by visiting support.everfi.com

Thank you for your participation in helping make Chapman an ethical place at all levels of the organization.


Michelle Anguka