Service Plan of Recognition Concludes – Congratulations to this Week’s Final Recipients

After a full year of weekly recognitions for staff and leadership whose support of Chapman’s COVID-19 response was exemplary, this week marks the final round of such recognitions. As was previously announced, Chapman has begun returning to customary on-campus operations, and, depending upon county guidance, more of us will be returning in the coming weeks. To date 602 colleagues have been honored for their service.

This week’s recipients are: 

Kaela King, administrative assistant to the Office of Accreditation & Assessment and the Office of Undergraduate Education, Office of the Provost

In the Provost’s Office working on Assessment and on General Education, Kaela never hesitates to make helpful recommendations and to take on new projects. Her cheerfulness lightens the work. She is invaluable to the smooth operation of both programs, especially during the pandemic. – Richard Ruppel

 Heidi Wissa, operations manager, Academic Financial Operations

Heidi has done a wonderful job adapting to the numerous challenges that the pandemic has brought in budget management. She has been flexible and always willing to step in and figure out the best approach in supporting the academic units. – Kim Mikhael

 Liz French, financial analyst, Academic Financial Operations

Liz has worked hard to adapt to the numerous changes in the past year due to the pandemic. She has been diligent in supporting the Academic Financial Operations team and the many departments that the office supports. – Kim Mikhael

Heidi Lasky, coordinator, Faculty Athenaeum, Faculty Affairs

When the campus closed and the faculty athenaeum was no longer available to faculty, Heidi learned a new job to assist the department – quickly pivoting to being a key support in managing the faculty timekeeping process and assisting wherever needed. – Eileen Besner

 Erika Gates, financial aid counselor, Financial Aid

Erika has proven herself to be a huge asset to the financial aid team and the Chapman community over and over. She tackles her job with a sense of empathy (and humor!) and can always be counted on. Recently a colleague commented that Erika is at once “amazing” and “awesome” and these two words only touch the tip of the iceberg when you are describing her. During the pandemic, she has made sure she is more available for student and parent appointments and is working on increasing our social media visibility as a way to continue to help students. Students and parents always know they are in good hands when Erika is working with them. – David Carnevale

Alex Musser, system support assistant, Financial Aid

Lauren Musser, datatel support analyst, Financial Aid

Alex and Lauren were instrumental in ensuring that our transition to remote operations went smoothly. Prior to the move they tested all of our reporting and processing capabilities so that we would have uninterrupted services. In addition, Alex stepped in and helped with team member’s individual set ups to make sure their remote access was working. Throughout our remote time, our processes have continued to run smoothly and efficiently and both have been instrumental in making sure that necessary data is still being reported accurately and as needed. – J. Whitaker and D. Carnevale

Craig Williams, accessibility technology Analyst, IS&T

Craig’s expertise, commitment to excellence and hard work made it possible to update, refine and write up all the processes for the Chapman community to return to campus. He is a pleasure to work with, while insisting on accuracy and clarity. – Helen Norris

Ryan Tanovan, information security specialist, IS&T

COVID caused an increase in remote work introducing increased security risks. Ryan was the tech lead for the IST effort to improve security through the two-factor (2FA) process and spent long hours to troubleshoot requests for faster user onboarding. – Helen Norris

Steve Acheson, network specialist, IS&T

Dave Acheson, network project manager, IS&T

Steve and Dave worked hard to add network capability in classrooms in Argyros Forum.  Their work will ensure that faculty and students have a great experience with hyflex learning after Spring Break. – Helen Norris  

Andrew Valbuena, head of serials, Leatherby Libraries

Andrew volunteered to help the Leatherby Libraries by working in Circulation as an essential employee to alleviate an employee shortage during times when we are required to staff the building to provide curbside pickup and document delivery. 

Brett Fisher, chair of library systems & technology, Leatherby Libraries

Brett provided technical support during the pandemic by partnering with IS&T to assist with imaging laptops and hardware preparation. He also worked closely with library employees to help establish their remote work capabilities. – Helen Norris

 Doug Dechow, engineering, science and digital humanities librarian, Leatherby Libraries

Doug played a vital role in ensuring the success of our FFC Info. Literacy program this year. Doug created our evaluation activity focusing on COVID vaccines to help first-year students make more informed decisions during the pandemic. – Helen Norris

Mayra Linares, medical ssistant, Student Health Center

Sierra Daniels, medical assistant, Student Health Center

Alicia Alonso, health & safety assistant, Student Health Center

Brandy Martinez, health & safety assistant, Student Health Center

Tanya Marshall, health & safety assistant, Student Health Center

Yazi Hernandez, medical assistant, Student Health Center

Raymond Moreno, department assistant, Student Health Center

Kelsey McCarthy, health & safety assistant, Student Health Center

Emily Belson, health & safety assistant, Student Health Center

Anthony Pelaez, health & safety assistant, Student Health Center

Jeannette Hecker, nurse LT, Student Health Center

Jessica Orozco, medical assistant LT, Student Health Center

Matthew McGarvey, physician assistant, Student Health Center

Diana Rios, nurse practitioner, Student Health Center

Janet Zedler, nurse practitioner, Student Health Center

Amber Leonard Alibrio, nurse practitioner, Student Health Center

Amber Lewis, nurse practitioner, Student Health Center

Devon Oddy, registered nurse, Student Health Center

Alicia De La Cruz, health & safety assistant, Student Health Center

Judith Taylor, registered nurse, Student Health Center

Aileen Andrion, nurse practitioner, Wellness Center

Julie Payn, medical assistant, Wellness Center

Karen Beam, registered nurse, Wellness Center

Deborah Wagner, department assistant, Wellness Center

Charles Pfeiffer, nurse practitioner, Wellness Center

The crew in the Student Health/Wellness Center have really gone above and beyond to make it so our campus could remain open in some capacity throughout COVID restrictions.  All essential workers and students have benefitted by the services they have provided. – Randy Burba

 Sarah Lee, assistant director of content strategy, SMC

Sarah’s strategy for and management of the CU Safely Back website is exemplary. She creates and edits numerous posts for the site, including, most recently, supervising the writing of our return-to-campus process posts for all stakeholders. – Jamie Ceman

Michelle Anguka, campus communications specialist, SMC

As editor of Working@Chapman, Michelle creates an excellent newsletter. She collaborates closely with various teams to increase the amount of information being shared. A survey indicated employees view W@C as a vital form of news during the pandemic. – Jamie Ceman

Tod Brewster, social media and digital marketing specialist, SMC

During the pandemic social media has been a crucial communication tool and the first information source for some. Tod has done an excellent job sharing out the CUSB updates as they develop and keeping our campus community up to date. – Jamie Ceman

 Jessica Barber, marketing strategist, SMC

Jess has done a great job with the CUSB marketing campaign in response to the pandemic. She worked with SMC team members and across campus to determine what we need to communicate, how we will communicate and how we will all collaborate. – Jamie Ceman

Stephanie Brewer, executive assistant to VP, SMC

Stephanie does so much to support the SMC staff while remote, but also is responsible for the setup and scripting for all the campus-wide town halls during COVID-19. – Jamie Ceman

Justin Kerfoot, senior campus planner, Campus Planning & Design

Through Justin’s work on Fowler School of Engineering, Rinker Student Center and other capital projects, the University has avoided Covid-related delays and cost escalations. Through the pandemic, Justin has delivered excellence to Campus Planning and his stakeholders across the University. – Collette Creppell

Monica Aparicio, executive assistant, Office of the Vice President, Investments & Administration

Monica made an extraordinary effort to ensure that the office is supported well and continues to function effectively through the pandemic. Several times she assisted with special projects and worked over the weekend. She also provided notary services several times. – Janna Bersi

 Melissa Tran, budget analyst I, Budget Office

Melissa is being recognized for her support in the annual budget development by building new reports and troubleshooting critical database issues. Her ability to quickly resolve issues has been crucial in budget development, especially during COVID. – Crystal Barney

Brenna Bell, executive assistant, EVP/COO

Brenna has diligently managed the COVID-19 Recognition Programs this past year.  She alone has processed more than 900 nominations.  Thank you, Brenna!  – Harold Hewitt

Jamie Wisdom, client services lead, IS&T

Jamie is being recognized for her ongoing support for the tech needs of the EVP/COO office, which have been more challenging this past year, during COVID-19. – Harold Hewitt

Joey Anderson, client/media services specialist III, IS&T

Joey is being recognized for his support this past year to Trustees participating in Board Committee meetings, via Zoom. You played a large part in the success of these meetings. – Harold Hewitt

Allison Kelley, senior administrative assistant, EVP/COO

Allison is being recognized for her management of an abundance of contracts, agreements, purchase orders, etc. during the pandemic.  She also assisted in revising the Sole/Single Source Justification form to make it more efficient.  Her professional and foresight is much appreciated.  – Adey Oyenuga