4/7 Fighting Climate Change: The Sixth Annual Public Policy Conference. (Complimentary Admission!) Register Today.

California knows what climate change looks like. Wildfires, rising ocean tides and shifting weather patterns threaten communities, property and the Golden State’s natural wonders. But how to respond?

That topic and more will be explored at Fighting Climate Change: The Sixth Annual Public Policy Conference, on Wednesday, April 7, at Chapman University. Hear scientists, scholars and policy makers discuss how California can deal with the forces of climate change.

Panel topics range from “What Has the State Actually Accomplished on Climate Change?” to How Do We Make Our Governance Equal to the Task of Fighting Climate Change?”

Among the day’s participants are:

  • Mijin Cha, a senior fellow at Data for Progress whose research explores the intersection of inequality and climate change, particularly labor/climate coalitions. Her current research focuses on equity for fossil fuel communities and workers in a low-carbon future.
  • Jennifer Hernandez, a land use and environmental law attorney who leads Holland & Knight’s West Coast Land Use and Environmental Group with extensive accomplishments as a top environmental litigator.
  • Kip Lipper, chief policy advisor on energy, natural resources, and the environment to the California State Senate President pro Tempore, the Senate’s Majority Leader.
  • Josiah Neeley, senior fellow in energy policy at the R Street Institute, where he advises the institute’s energy team, which works to advance a well-defined and limited role for government in shaping decisions about infrastructure.

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