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Chapman Immigration Law Expert Available to Comment on Record Number of Children in Border Patrol Custody

Marisa S. Cianciarulo is a specialist in immigration law with a human rights focus at Chapman University Fowler School of Law. She is available for media interviews about these topics. She can be reached by contacting Director of Public Relations, Amy Stevens, at (657) 390-6760 or

Quotes from Professor Cianciarulo: 

  • The situation at the border isn’t yet and doesn’t need to be a crisis. In terms of numbers, child migration at the border is a fraction of a percent of overall yearly immigration to the United States.
  • The United States is well equipped economically and socially to absorb the children arriving at the southern border. While sufficient aid should be given to the states who will be directly impacted by child arrivals, the overall economic detriment is negligible.
  • Despite popular perceptions, overall immigration to the United States is below what is needed to fill our workforce and replenish our population. The United States, while currently at replacement birthrate, is trending like Europe and will have a less-than-replacement birthrate in the near future. A below-replacement birthrate is bad for the economy, which stagnates when the population stagnates.
  • While immigration is essential to ensuring that the economy doesn’t stagnate, our laws do not allow for adequate lawful immigration. We are as dependent on unlawful immigration as we are on lawful immigration.
  • Many of the children arriving at the border either qualify for asylum or are in need of humanitarian aid. They are fleeing desperate conditions of poverty, child abuse, child neglect/abandonment, rape/molestation, gang violence. Many of them have family members in the United States who are able and willing to care for them.
  • The numbers are so small that there is no economic or socioeconomic justification for further traumatizing children in these tragic circumstances.


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