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Top 5 Shows to Watch During Quarantine and Where to Stream Them

Last week we asked you what TV show has kept you most entertained during quarantine. You responded, and we’ve rounded up the 5 best TV shows to ‘quaran-stream’ according to Chapman faculty and staff. So take a short break from finals preparations, and discover what’s behind those “must watch” shows your colleagues are obsessed with. Here are the top five:

  1. “Ozark”

Stream on Netflix

By far the most popular show among Chapman faculty and staff. It’s a crime drama that follows a financial advisor and his family, as they become ensnared in a life of crime.

  1. “Parks and Recreation”

Stream on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Prime Video

A workplace comedy about local politics, this show documents an employee at a rural Parks and Recreation department as she tries to improve her hometown of Pawnee, Indiana.

  1. “Dead to Me” 

Stream on Netflix

If you like dark comedies, this show is for you. Two friends are brought together by death and a dark secret. Together they navigate grief all the while getting tangled up in more secrets and more lies. 

  1. “Schitt’s Creek” 

         Stream on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Prime Video

For those looking for a good laugh, this is it. The show follows a formerly rich family who find themselves suddenly poor and forced to live in a run-down motel. 

  1. “Hollywood” 

Stream on Netflix 

The recently released mini-series has been a hit during quarantine. The series which combines fact and fiction chronicles the lives of aspiring actors who try to make it in post-World War II Hollywood.

 Other shows your colleagues are talking about

“I watched ‘Upload’ on Amazon Prime because it’s a Sci-Fi series, and I am always looking for the answer to the question, ‘What would evolution look like?!'” – Stefan Sburlea, Information Systems and Technology

“The show I watched is ‘Haikyuu’ on Netflix! I chose it because I love anime, and this show tells the story of an underdog high school volleyball team making their way to the Japan National Championship and that gives me hope and motivation to work from home.” – Shishei Tsang, Department of Student Engagement

“It may be an oldie, but ‘The Office’ is an absolute classic that can make me laugh out loud ! Watching the camaraderie, group growth and family aspects of the office really gave me the feels. I miss my Chapman Family and coworkers!”  – Haley Wragg, Office of Career and Professional Development



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