Helpful Courses on Working Remotely

The Office of Human Resources has put together a document on remote work guidelines that includes several helpful courses and articles that can help you work to your maximum potential. Use your LinkedIn learning login via your Chapman credentials to take advantage of these fantastic resources. 

  • 8 Tips To Making Working From Home Work For You​ NPR article by Yuki Noguchi
  • Online LinkedIn Learning Courses (​Use this link to login with your Chapman credentials​)
  • Working Remotely course by Mike Gutman
    • This one hour course describes the ideal home setup for working remotely, summarizes the process of on boarding a remote worker, explains the importance of work-life balance and how to maintain it while working remotely and describes how to manage a team while working remotely.
  •  Time Management: Working from Home​ course by Dave Crenshaw
    • This one hour and a half course discusses how to create a productive environment, how to choose the best technology to increase your productivity, how to define expectations around communication and how to differentiate between constant effort and a healthy working rhythm. 
  • Leading at a Distance​ course by Kevin Eikenberry
    • This 40 minute course discusses remote leadership models, remote politics, building trust at a distance and what success looks like at a distance.
  • Managing Virtual Teams​ course by Phil Gold
    • This one hour course tells how to provide consistency and structure in a remote team, how to foster equality and transparency, how to maintain regular contact with team members and how to manage workloads and deliverables.