Message from Public Safety: Building Access and Security Modifications


Dear Faculty, Staff and Administrators,

As announced this week, beginning March 19, 2020, Chapman University is moving to fully remote working, teaching and learning for all non-essential services. With only essential staff remaining on campus during this time, it will become necessary to enhance the security practices, including modifying the locking schedules and access to many campus buildings. 

While Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) staff are prioritizing their resources in support of moving the campus community to remote work, they will first address the locking schedule of external doors for all buildings that do not provide essential student services.  Effective March 19th, these buildings will be locked and faculty and staff will need to us their card keys to access them.  This will provide an immediate level of security to offices and occupants.  Several buildings will remain open—continuing the standard locking schedule—so essential student services can remain accessible.  Buildings such as Leatherby Libraries, Argyros Forum, the Student Health Center, and the Counseling Center for example, will remain on their normal schedule.  As this situation evolves, we may find a need to adjust the locking schedule on buildings, but we will try to minimize disruption to the essential staff on campus. 

For those who need to access buildings that are secured, your card should grant you access. If for any reason you cannot access a building, you can call Public Safety for assistance at (714) 997-6763. A Public Safety officer will come to your location and provide you access.  

As issues arise with the security and locking schedule of internal doors, IS&T will address these situations as they are able to.  Please log the issue with the Helpdesk at (714) 997-6600 As IS&T resources become available, they will assist with internal door security changes.