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Exam Accommodations From Disability Services and Educational Technology Services

Finals are upon us. The circumstances surrounding quarantine might make this year’s exams more challenging than usual, but Disability Services and Educational Technology Services has information and resources to share regarding accommodated exams in a remote environment.

Accommodating Online Assessments/Quizzes/Exams

Ensuring quiz/exam accessibility will depend on the new format of your course.

Blackboard or Canvas Quizzes/ Exams:

If you will be moving your exams/quizzes to be taken via Blackboard or Canvas, both platforms have a feature that allows you to adjust a student’s online quiz/exam time corresponding to the amount of extended time authorized by Disability Services (typically 1.5 time or “time + 1/2”; or 2.0 or “double time”).

For tutorials outlining how to adjust quiz/exams times via Blackboard or Canvas, please refer to the links below.

If you would like assistance with Blackboard or Canvas, please contact Tech Support:

Alternative Methods of Assessment

Faculty may also consider alternate methods of assessment that do not include timed Blackboard or Canvas exams. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Providing the assessment to students via email or available link and have them submit their completed assessment via email or assignment submission on Turnitin/Blackboard/Canvas.
    • Please note that an extended time accommodation will need to be provided if these assessments are to be completed within one class meeting time.
  • Creating a “take home” assignment that students can complete over the course of multiple days and submit at a later time.

Alternative Date Testing/ Time Considerations

  • If a student has back to back classes and their extended time accommodation would make them late to another class meeting, faculty need to allow them to take the exam/quiz at a different time than the rest of the class. Faculty can provide a different version of the exam/quiz as long as it is equal in difficulty.
  • Some students are additionally approved for Alternate Test Day Accommodation by Disability Services. This accommodation can be used by a student if they have missed a quiz/exam due to medical reasons related to their disability. Faculty will need to allow them to make up the exam/quiz. Faculty can provide a different version of the exam/quiz as long as it is equal in difficulty.
    • Please email if you would like assistance navigating alternate test day options to a student

Below is a chart that provides Time + ½ and Double Time conversions.

Regular Time (in minutes) 1.5x Accommodation 2x Accommodation
15 25 30
20 30 40
30 45 60 (1:00)
35 55 75 (1:15)
50 75  (1:15) 100 (1:40)
60 (1:00) 90 (1:30) 120 (2:00)
75 (1:15) 120 (2:00) 150 (2:30)
90 (1:30) 135 (2:15) 180 (3:00)
120 (2:00) 180 (3:00) 240 (4:00)
150 (2:30) 225 (3:45) 300 (5:00)
170 (2:50) 255 (4:15) 340 (5:40)
180 (3:00) 270 (4:30) 360 (6:00)


If you have any questions about testing-related accommodations, please email Disability Services at