Work 101: How to Use Your Office Phone, In and Out of the Office

Having trouble navigating your desk phone? Well, look no further: here is a “How To” guide about the Chapman phones.

Using your VoicemailTo check your Chapman University voicemail, dial 5542 and then input your unique PIN number. Once you have input your PIN, you have six main menu options. Click below to see each menu reference guide information for a step-by-step into how to use each option.
Option 1 – Listen to messages
Option 2 – Record and send a message
Option 3 – Set user options
Option 5 – Listen to saved messages (same as option 1)
Option 6 – Listen to selected messages
Option 7 – Listen to deleted messages (same as option 1)

Calling outside the school: Always remember to dial 91 before dialing the rest of the phone number if the person you are trying to reach is outside of the Chapman University network. Make sure to include the area code.

Forward your calls to your cell phone: Once you’re on the main menu on the Chapman phone, click on the forward button and then enter your cell phone number. From then on, any calls will be forwarded to your cell. If you want to stop this at any time, press cancel.

Main menu, click on forward and then enter a cell phone number, any calls then should be forwarded to your cell phone number 

Placing a call on hold: To place a call on hold simply press the “hold” button. The light will begin flashing next to the line the call is on. To pick up the call, press the flashing button and pick up the phone.

If you have any more questions, take a look at this extensive guide.

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