Need a breather as finals draw to a close? Check out Fish Interfaith Center exhibit


This figurine is a rendering of the popular Hindu saint St. Mirabai, who originally lived in the 16th century and was a devotee of Krishna, whose blue image she is holding. Professor Nancy Martin, who has done extensive research on the traditions surrounding Mirabai in the past and present, loaned it to the interfaith display now on exhibit at the Fish Interfaith Center.

Have a minute now that finals are almost over?

Then you might want to stroll through the Fish Interfaith Center to see the display the folks there assembled for
Winterfest. The exhibit includes artifacts, artwork, books and collectible figurines significant to many of the world’s major faith traditions.  The drizzle during the outdoor Winterfest festivities, prompted staff to cover it, so not everyone got to see it then. Now’s your chance!

Dawn Bonker

Dawn Bonker

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