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Coronavirus: Updates and Resources – For Media

Experts Available to Discuss Coronavirus

The following scholars at Chapman University are available to offer expert commentary on a variety of topics related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects.

Pharmacy & Medicine

JEFF GOAD, professor of pharmacy, Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice
Expertise: Travel Medicine; Vaccines or Immunizations; Public Health; Epidemiology

KARL HESS, associate professor of pharmacy, Director of Community Pharmacy Practice Innovations
Expertise: Community Pharmacy Practice; Travel Medicine; Vaccines; Self-Care Therapeutics

JERIKA LAM, associate professor of pharmacy practice
Expertise: As the only infectious diseases pharmacist on the Patient Safety Movement Foundation COVID-19 Task Force, Dr. Lam provides updates about drug treatments and management strategies against COVID-19.

SEAN NORDT, Gavin Herbert Endowed Professor of Pharmacy, Chief Medical Officer, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Expertise: Emergency Medicine; Acute Respiratory Disease Diagnosis

STEPHANIE SALDIVAR, assistant professor of physician assistant studies, and MICHAEL BURNEY, associate professor and chair of physician assistant studies
Expertise: Both are working on the frontlines in the caring for COVID-19 patients


HESHAM EL-ASKARY, professor of computational and data science
Expertise: Modeling the reduction of emissions due to quarantine strategies.

SHENYUE JIA, postdoctoral researcher 
Expertise: Researching how Facebook data can help measure social distancing

HELEN NORRIS, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Expertise: Transitioning a university to remote teaching/working

Public Health

ALEXANDER BAY, associate professor of history
Expertise: Historian of Health Medicine

JASON DOUGLAS, assistant professor of health sciences
Expertise: Messaging of public health issues using health indicators; how unequal access to health promoting resources could contribute to increased disease prevalence in disadvantaged communities

ASHLEY KRANJAC, assistant professor of sociology
Expertise: Health disparities; health behaviors; social determinants of health; population health; neighborhood effects. Dr. Kranjac can speak to the meaning and experience of health as shaped by cultural and social systems.

Psychology & Mental Health

MICHAEL HASS, professor of school psychology
Expertise: Mental health; resilience; crisis and trauma; mindfulness. He can speak to how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting school-based mental health as well as crisis and trauma in school-age youth.

AMY JANE GRIFFITHS, NCSP, Licensed Psychologist PSY 2453, assistant professor of clinical counseling, coordinator of school counseling and licensed professional clinical counselor programs
Expertise: Autism and employment; STEM education for youth with disabilities; future of education. Dr. Griffiths can speak to how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting and will continue to impact the future of education.

KELLY KENNEDY, associate professor and director of school counseling and school psychology programs
Expertise: School-based mental health; school-based counseling; LGBTQ youth. She can speak to how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting school-based mental health and delivery of school-based mental health services.

JAY KUMAR, instructor of contemplative studies, Director of Contemplative Practice and Wellbeing
Expertise: Staying positive during the spread of coronavirus; science and spirituality of happiness

Law, Political Science & Economics

JOHN EASTMAN, Henry Salvatori professor of law and community service and director of Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence
Expertise: Legal/Constitutional Law; Freedom of Religion. As the frequency increases for the “stay in place” orders, constitutional concerns will begin to arise and Dr. Eastman can speak on COVID-19’s implications for government power and its limits.

KYNDRA ROTUNDA, professor and executive director of Military and Veterans Law
Expertise: Legal issues related to military service and activations, particularly during wars or national emergencies

STEVEN GJERSTAD, Presidential Fellow in the Economic Science Institute, and ANDREA MOLLE, assistant professor of political science
Expertise: Gjerstad and Molle have published a note that considers whether age is an independent factor that contributes to COVID-19 mortalities, or whether co-morbidity factors such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension are the major contributors to mortality. Dr. Molle is also working with a team of Italian computational social scientists to address social factors that affect the spread of COVID-19. 

Food Safety

ANURADHA PRAKASHprofessor and director of food science
Expertise: food processing and preservation; product development

Culture & Humanities

IAN BARNARD, professor of English, Director of LGBTQ Studies Program
Expertise: Comparisons and Differences on Coronavirus to the AIDS Crisis; How the spread of diseases motivate rhetoric that threaten human rights

BETTINA GILOIS, assistant professor of film and media arts
Expertise: An award winning screenwriter and author who has been writing in Hollywood for over twenty years, she can speak on COVID-19’s impact on the film industry.

RACHEL GOLDBERG, assistant professor of film and media arts
Expertise: Her pilot production was shut down due to COVID-19, and she can speak on her experience and COVID-19’s impact on the film industry.

CLAUDINE JAENICHEN, associate professor of art
Expertise: Effectiveness of information and visual communication distributed to the public on COVID-19

JENNIFER KEENE, dean of Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, and ROBERT SLAYTON, Henry Salvatori professor of American values and traditions
Expertise: 1918 Flu Epidemic

LINDSAY SHEN, Director of Art Collections
Expertise: Museum Management; Coronavirus’ Impact on Museums; Future of Museums; Museums’ Move to Online Engagement

PETER SIMI, associate professor of sociology
Expertise: Hate crimes and hate incidents related to COVID-19; online activity among white supremacists and their use of different social media platforms

K-12 Education and Higher Education

QUAYLAN ALLEN, associate professor of integrated educational studies and Director of First-Generation Programs
Expertise: Equity/inequity in K-12 learning; first-generation students in higher education; educational policy. Dr. Allen can speak to how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting equity in access to K-12 education and higher ed, particularly for first-generation students.

MICHELLE HALL, Attallah College Director of Program Assessment and Improvement
Expertise: Educational policy and politics; school-community relationships. She can speak to how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting teacher credentialing programs in California and the state teacher shortage.

KEITH HOWARD, associate professor of teacher education
Expertise: K-12 computer science; career and technical education. He can speak to how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting equity in access to STEM education.

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