Chapman Launches New Feedback Form to Help Improve Staff Experience

Chapman University is committed to fostering an environment where all employees feel supported and included. As the university works towards continuous improvement, senior leadership encourages staff members to share their ideas on how to make CU a better work environment. Chapman’s new Staff Feedback Form is your chance to share insights on areas that are currently working well and areas where you see opportunities for growth. 

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Harold W. Hewitt, Jr. says the idea for creating the form came when President Struppa formed a group to address “The Great Resignation.” When Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reg Chhen Stewart, Ph.D., suggested creating a staff feedback channel to gather ideas from across the campus Hewitt says the entire group thought it was an excellent idea.

“Very often important insights about constructive change come from people engaged on a daily basis with members of the Chapman community. The staff feedback form is a pathway for direct communication with campus leaders who will review the ideas and implement the best suggestions. While a suggestion box isn’t a new concept, the form is new for us, and I’m eager to see your ideas.”

Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reg Chhen Stewart says the objective is simple: “Enhance communication, solicit feedback, shape ideas into actions and positively impact campus climate.” In addition, Stewart says this ongoing feedback system allows the university to capture recommendations in real-time and in response to issues that may arise in-between institutional survey periods.

For the feedback system to be efficient and yield meaningful and actionable information, staff participation is crucial, says Stewart.

“We often use the word family at Chapman. Well, families usually talk to each other. They don’t always agree, but the lines of communication are often open and two-way. Some of the very best ideas to help our university reach its full potential are in the hearts and minds of the people who live, work and study at both our Orange and Rinker campuses, so we are fortunate to be able to use technology to leverage the collective wisdom of family members.”

As an incentive to encourage individuals to share their ideas for improving the staff experience, a random winner will be chosen from among those who have submitted feedback through the form each month. The winner will be awarded a $100 gift card. 

Submit feedback to improve the staff experience.

Michelle Anguka

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