A message from President Daniele Struppa on DACA

President Daniele Struppa sent the following message to the Chapman University community on Tuesday, Sept. 5

President Daniele Struppa sent the following message to the Chapman University community on Tuesday, Sept. 5

We just learned that President Trump will rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). While we have not yet analyzed the impact of his decision, we want to reiterate and assure you that Chapman University stands behind each of its students and employees whose families face challenges due to identity or immigration status.  During this time we recommit ourselves to the goals and principles contained in our Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion and in our Statement on Diversity and Inclusion.

First, let me assure those students who may be directly affected by the end of the DACA program that we will do everything possible to support you and to help you to complete your degree program at Chapman.

If you are a DACA recipient, we advise you not to leave the United States at this time. If you are a DACA recipient outside of the country, we advise you to return to the U.S. as soon as possible.

Based on recommendations that have emerged over the last several months from Chapman’s Forum on the Status of Undocumented Students, I have asked Dean of Students Jerry Price to serve as the point of contact for any student in need of assistance. If you need help of any kind, please contact Dean Price at┬ájprice@chapman.edu.

Staff or faculty members needing assistance should contact Vice President of Human Resources, Becky Campos at bcampos@chapman.edu.

Confidential counseling is available for students through the Student Psychological Services and our Wallace All Faith Chapel clergy.  The Wallace All Faith Chapel clergy is also available to support faculty and staff.

Please know, consistent with federal student privacy laws, we will not provide student records of any kind to anyone without student consent or a lawfully issued judicial order.  Any outside law enforcement agency that wishes to contact any member of our campus community in regard to immigration status will first be required to produce the appropriate judicial warrants.

Chapman supported the formation of the Forum on the Status of Undocumented Students, now headed by Dr. Oliver Lopez and Marcela Valle, for the purpose of outlining recommendations and assembling resources and support services in the event that action was taken by Washington, D.C., on the DACA program.  This group has been supported by numerous campus community members, and that support will continue.

While we know that great uncertainty now exists for a portion of our campus community, please know that Chapman supports you and we will provide additional information about resources as it becomes available.

Daniele C. Struppa, Ph.D.

President, Chapman University 



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